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Save time, money, and hassle on finding a great place by calling Texas Apartment Locators Houston. We specialize in privately owned apartments, condos, and townhomes.

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Apartments You’ll Love

Anyone can view apartment listings online, but it's often hard to tell if a property is right for your family. Our licensed real estate agents visit every apartment in our database and submit a report with full details on price, amenities, floor plans, and approval criteria. You won't have to waste time visiting apartments that are unavailable, out of your price range, or that won't accept your pet. And, each listing also includes high-quality photographs of the property.

But access to our database is only a small part of what we offer. Our team has an in-depth knowledge the Houston area. We advise on neighborhoods, school districts, and other useful information that only a local can provide.

The Process

Getting started is easy. Call us or drop by our office in Webster to discuss your needs with a member of our team. We create a detailed list of possible properties based on a brief interview with you. You can then visit the properties at your leisure—or we can take you on a tour of the properties. If you are new to the area, we recommend a personalized tour to help you get acquainted with Houston's neighborhoods. If you decide to visit the properties on your own, be sure to tell the landlord that we referred you.

Whatever option you choose, we remain in communication with you throughout the process. If you're interested in a particular apartment, condo, or townhome, we'll call to check availability, inquire about special offers, or ask about special circumstances. Our goal is to find you a place you love at the best possible price. Just let us know how we can help.

A Key to an Apartment

Corporate Relocation & Leasing

Find a great place for your employees to stay. We offer corporate relocation services for companies operating in the Houston area. Our agents provide all the information you need to choose a property in a great neighborhood. We also find furnished, short-term corporate leases at affordable rates.

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1.   What is a Apartment Locator?
ANSWER:  Apartment Locators are licensed real estate agents who specialize in apartment.
2.  What personal information do you need to get started?
ANSWER:  We will take a brief interview about your income, credit, rental history and if you have any criminal history.  
3.  How does your service find the best matches?
ANSWER:  Along with our initial interview, we will ask you a series of questions such as:
Move In Date, Size, Floor Preference, Amenities, Price Range, Schools,  Area.
From this information, we will prepare a list of customized matches and call for availability, prices, approval criteria and send to your for your review.  Once you have a chance to review this list, we can adjust the report or schedule showings.
4.  How do I make sure Texas Apartment Locators Houston get paid and credit for referring me to their apartment?
ANSWER:  Easy and not so easy.  You need to tell the apartments we send you by adding us to their guest card and application if you lease.  It can get tricky if your visit their website because sometimes it's not straight forward.  Please just keep your agent informed so we can make sure this important steps happens.
5.  Can you help me if I have a broken lease or eviction?
ANSWER:  In some cases we can help, but our initial interview will ask very important questions about rental history.   Factors such as balance owed, rental history since breach of lease (if any), time since lease was breached.   Rental issues will be an automatic denial at most apartments.  Our job will be to try to save your applicaiton fees and give you the one's that we believe will work with you.   
6.   Can you help  me if I have criminal history?
ANSWER:  Much like the question above, each apartment has different criteria for criminal history.  Criminal history will be an automatic denial at most apartments.  But Misdemeanor, Felony, Class, Age of completion, and Charge will determine if we can work with you.  FYI, if you received "deferred judification" on a charge, the apartments will see the arrest and treat it as a charge.  But let us try our magic. 
7.  Is it better to come to your office, call  or email?

ANSWER:  We love when clients come to our office, but it is not necessary.  It is probably best to call so we can take our interview and start preparing our list.  Honestly, it is up to you and your needs.